Development of indigenuos ball mill machine and its effect on capacitance of Ultra capacitor

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Rohan D. Shukla

Abstract :

Energy is required to do work. There are various sources of energy like conventional fossil fuels, renewable energy sources like solar, wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy which can be utilised to meet our energy demands but there are some limitations to its use. So we convert these energies into Electrical energy and exploit to fulfil our energy requirements. Energy cannot be created it can be converted form one form to other. We use this concept and store Electrical energy in various forms. A lot of research is going on in the field of energy storage devices in order to bridge the ever increasing gap between the energy supply and demand. There are various storage devices but Ultracapacitors or Electrolytic double layered capacitors are the future of energy storage. In this experiment we have indigenously developed a Ball Milling Machine and studied its impact on the capacitance value of ultracapacitors. This paper explains the experimentation carried out and successful accomplishment in increasing the capacitance of active carbon used to make electrodes of ultracapacitors.

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