Generation, Storage and Analysis of Electrical Energy Using Pedal Power

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Swati Mudaliar

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The use of fossil fuels over so many years has led to release of harmful and toxic gases in atmosphere that has disturbed our eco-system balance resulting into environmental degradation and harmful effects on the health of humans. The non-conventional energy resources are fast depleting on earth as the rate of consumption of these resources has increased many folds, due to increase in world population. Renewable energy resources can be used as a solution to bridge this gap between the conventional energy resources and ever increasing rate of consumption. The commercial or large scale use of this clean energy can help to reduce the environmental impacts due to conventional energy sources. With the advent in the field of research to discover new renewable sources of energy it was found that if we exploit the increasing population, humans could also be used as energy resources. This motivated to design a system that could trap the mechanical energy of human while cycling and convert it into electrical energy. India a developing economy and is second largest country in the world population can be termed as an asset. Bicycle is easily available, robust and is the main mode of transport for Indian villagers. This paper focuses on generation of electrical power by pedalling, comparison of different types of generators, storage of generated power and its application.

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