Performance of Bio-Diesel Produced via Acids Catalysis and Its Blends with Diesel

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Shyamsing V.Thakur S.M.Lawankar A.S.Dange

Abstract :

Biodiesel is renewable, non degradable, cleaner and efficient fuel for IC Engines. Conventionally it is produced by the alkali catalysis but due to more FFA contents in oils the Acid catalysis method is becoming popular for reserchers. In these reserch work the performance of BD produced by using Diferent acids is evaluated. The blends of Biodiesel and Petro-Diesel are Produced as B20 (20% BD & 80% Diesel), B30 (30% BD & 70% Diesel) & B40 (40% BD & 60% Diesel). The Biodiesel Produced Via Sulfuric Acid and Hydrocloric Acid Shows Similar Performances upto part Load but at Higher load BD Via sulfuric acid shows Prounced Performance.

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