Technical Viability of Evaporative Cooling Systems for Human Thermal Comfort in Maharashtra

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Dipak A Warke Samir J Deshmukh Rasika D Deshmukh

Abstract :

This paper presents technical viability of evaporative cooling systems for human thermal comfort for efficient use of evaporative cooling systems, by using feasibility index concept in various cities of Maharashtra applying it, latter, to several states in India where is different climates. Paper describes three method out of which feasibility index method is applied for the four different cities in Maharashtra .Also it presents the basic principles of direct and indirect evaporative cooling and defines the effectiveness of the systems. It concludes that evaporative cooling systems have a very large potential in thermal comfort and can still be used as an alternative to conventional systems in regions where the design wet bulb temperature is under 24ÂșC.

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