Integrity Check and Vibration Study for Agitator Vessel by FEA

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Harshad Narvekar Vijay Bhosale

Abstract :

Industrial agitators are machines used in industries that process products in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in a view of mixing liquids together, promote the reactions of chemical substance, keeping homogeneous liquid bulk during storage or increase heat transfer (heating or cooling). The alarming drawback of the agitator vessel under consideration is its vigorous and unwanted vibration. It is required to check the integrity of the vessel for various operating conditions and also to check the level of vibrations so as to impart modifications if necessary to keep the vibrations of the vessel within the limits from the point of view of proper functioning of the vessel and safety issues. This report consists of structural analysis of equipment using ANSYS software to check the integrity of the vessel and to check the vibration level of agitator shaft.

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