Intelligent Alternator Controller Prototype and Testing

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

V. B. Bhamare V. S. Narwane K. R. Pagar

Abstract :

In the world development is going on, which is continuously increasing pollution in the environment and automotive sectors contribution is in the large scale. To reduce pollution from vehicles, government sets strict norms for the emission controls of new vehicles production. Alternator is one of the vehicle components, which is contributing in vehicles emission and performance indirectly. In conventional engine control system it is not possible to optimize the efficiency of the alternator in terms of emission and fuel consumption, due to constant voltage output and continuous loading condition. By controlling the alternators loading, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption and increase emission margin. This paper covers the approach to make alternator intelligent by implementing controller which control alternators loading and unloading in MIDC (Modified Indian Driving Cycle) on chassis dynamometer and on road conditions

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