Theoretical Analysis of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Low Wind Velocity

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Shailesh P. Patankar Samir J. Deshmukh Rucha R. Kolhekar

Abstract :

Wind energy is most of the promising renewable energy source. In general, Moderate to high-speed winds, typically from 5m/s to about 25m/s are considered favorable for most wind turbines in India. But in rural areas, wind speed is near about 3m/s to 6m/s. So, this wind turbine is applicable for low wind velocity. In wind turbine technology, the turbine blades play an important role as it directly comes in contact with the wind. The objective of this paper is to design the wind turbine blade and to study the various design parameters affecting design of wind turbine. This design is used to develope small wind turbine used for low power generation of 100kW at low wind speed of 3m/s to 6m/s. The design of wind turbine blade is done in CAD Software as CREO 2.0. By Velocity triangle of single blade of wind turbine, velocity can be determined and this can be implemented in design procedure to design wind turbine blade. By using the fixed blade mechanism, on an average, 45% velocity rise can be obtained at the entry to the wind turbine blade

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