Review on Study of Solar Powered Adsorption Refrigeration System

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Sneha Patil S.G,Dambhare

Abstract :

The sun is an outstanding energy source for mankind. It is clean and comes to the earth for free. In recent years, increasing attention is being given to the use of waste heat and solar energy in energizing refrigerating systems. Solar powered refrigeration and air-conditioning have been very attractive during the last twenty years, since the availability of sunshine and the need for refrigeration both reach maximum levels in the same season. Conventional cooling technologies are generally based on the electrically driven refrigeration system. These systems have several disadvantages: they require high levels of primary energy consumption, causing electricity peak loads and employ refrigerants with negative environmental impacts. Solar adsorption refrigeration is an option to overtake the drawbacks of the conventional cooling system.

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