Theoretical Analysis On Heat And Mass Transfer In A Direct Evaporative Cooler

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Ad hoc networks for pervasive communications

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Rasika D Deshmukh Samir J. deshmukh Dipak A Warke

Abstract :

This paper presents the basic principles of the evaporative cooling process for human thermal comfort, the principles of operation for the direct evaporative cooling system and the mathematical development of the equations of thermal exchanges, allowing the determination of the effectiveness of saturation. The heat and mass transfer between air and water film in the direct evaporative cooler is theoretically analyzed in present paper. The experimental study is based on weather data from Maharashtra (Amravati), India. The performance of the evaporative cooler is evaluated using the output temperature, saturation efficiency, and heat transfer coefficient. The output temperature of the air varies between 24.44°C and 33°C for different velocities of air.

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