Automation of Laboratory Ball Mill Machine

Paper Topic :

Control and Automation

Author Name :

Mazin Izzeldin Mohammed

Abstract :

We are living in an era where there is highly competitive market, standardised methods of achieving efficiency and where precision is of utmost importance. We have come a long way in terms of technology and increased our efficiency ten folds as compared to the era where punching machines were considered as cutting edge technology against in today’s automatic bar code reader technology era. We Humans have always tried to reduce our efforts and achieve maximum output at our disposal. This is the only motivation behind success of mankind in automating everything around us and lead a luxurious life. A similar scenario is applicable in the field of research were automation of machines is required in order to achieve precision results with high efficiency and make progress In our effort to contribute to the success of precision research work in the field of materials sciences and nanotechnology we have designed an automatic control circuit, user friendly system for laboratory Ball mill Machine.

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