Smart File Transfer using Android

Paper Topic :

Mobile Computing and Applications

Author Name :

Prof. Mrs. Kanchan A. Khedikar

Abstract :

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the premiere way to send and receive the information and Files, but due to the connection failure, proper file transfer does not possible. In this paper we will discuss how to provide resume option while transferring the file. We are providing multiple options for file transfer like WI-FI, BLUETOOTH, NFC (Near-Field Communication). NFC is used for configure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Whenever there is a connection problem like loss in connection because of obstacles or external interferences while transferring the file between two Android Mobile Phones, next time we need to transfer this from starting. Our main goal is to avoid duplication of file. In this paper we have explain “Resume Option” model. This model divides the file into specified sized blocks. The MD5 (Message Digest 5) algorithm is used for calculating hash value .This paper explains System Architecture, Message Digest Class and Methodology.

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