Design of Intelligent web based Social Media for Data Personalization

Paper Topic :

Artificial Intelligence

Author Name :

Hardik Gohel

Abstract :

Social media is the group of people based on internet applications which helps to build the ideological as well as technological foundation on Web 2.0, and it allows the Data sharing and exchanging which is created by users. By the time usage of social media has expanded like anything. The expansion of additional features is the current working area of every social media. The social media is really helpful to get connectivity with family, friends, near and dear once of any individual. Apart from the above benefits social media is having some drawbacks related to security as well. There are some security features included by current social media but they are not enough and don’t provide the facility of Data personalization. This leads us to the design and development of the intelligent web based social media for Data personalization. The intelligent web is the branch of artificial intelligence which uses various AI algorithms for the development of intelligent web functionalities. In this paper we have studied current drawbacks of social media and the technique of intelligent web which will helpful to improve social media and make it more intelligent.

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