Integrated Ozonation and Aerobic Biodegradation of Acid Red 14 and Congo Red Azo Dyes

Paper Topic :

Environmental Engineering

Author Name :

Umesh Kumar Khare

Abstract :

The effect of ozonation on the degradation process of azo dyes CI Acid Red14(AR14) and Congo Red(CR) has been studied in the semi batch rector and parameters such as pH, Color, Absorbance (at maximum wavelength, ?max ), COD, TOC, BOD5 were monitored during process at different time intervals. The results obtained indicate that ozonation is highly effective way to remove the color of synthetic dye solutions. COD and TOC removals were however less complete, suggesting production of colorless ozonation by-products. Ozonation increased the biodegradability of both the studied dyes, as observed by increase in BOD5/COD ratio from zero to 0.46 and 0.48 for AR14 and CR respectively, after 80 min ozonation. Aerobic biodegradation of these ozonated dye solutions resulted more then 90% reduction in COD and TOC. Results of this study demonstrate the potential of integrated ozonation and aerobic biodegradation for treatment of azo-dyes from economic and ecological point of view.

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