Survey on Anonymization in Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Paper Topic :

Data Mining

Author Name :

Freny Presswala

Abstract :

Providing security to delicate data against unapproved access has been a long term goal for the database security research group and for the administration statistical organizations. Subsequently, the security issue has gotten to be, recently, a significantly more critical territory of examination in data mining. Consequently, as of late, privacy-preserving data mining has been mulled over extensively. Data anonymization, one of the methods of privacy preserving data mining, is a sort of data purification whose expectation is security insurance. It is the methodology of either scrambling or expelling by and by identifiable data from information sets, with the goal that the individuals whom the information portrays stay unacknowledged. In this paper we have reviewed various techniques of data anonymization and have shown the comparative analysis of the same.

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