Power Efficient Electronic Ballast

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Expert approaches

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Monica Parmanand

Abstract :

Electronic ballast is basically a choke without a starter. It is a device used for stabilizing current in an electric circuit i.e. in a tube lamp supply circuit. It provides just the required amount of voltage to start the lamp by regulating the current. It is made to replace the conventional choke in fluorescent lamps as it has more advantage in lifetime operation. It has higher efficiency since it uses the power semiconductor devices with better switching methods. The main component is Ballast Controller IC IR2156. Also, PFC IC L6562 is used to manage the power factor correction while achieving high efficiency over a wide load range. Electronic Ballast, in short, is a device made to increase efficiency, thereby reducing electricity bill. There have been other projects made related to Electronic ballast but without the use of Ballast Control IC. By using IC IR2156, the efficiency can be increased greatly. The ballast being made is primarily for T8 40W tube.

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