The Emissions Analysis of Diesel Engine Using GarciniaIndicaand Rice Bran Oil Based Methyl Esters As Fuels with an ANN Approach

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

M H Attal, A M Mahalle

Abstract :

On the face of the upcoming energy crisis and increasing pollution, lot of efforts are being carried out throughout the world to find out environment friendly as well as cost-effective fuels as an alternative to petroleum derived fuels. Indian economy is mainly dependent on agriculture and the country satisfies almost all petroleum demand through imports. The evaluation of Fatty acid methyl esters also called as biodiesels derived from edible as well as non-edible vegetable oils alternative engine fuels is of great importance. The scope of the present study is to initially analyze the performance and emission characteristics of multi-cylinder diesel engine using GarciniaIndica (kokum) oil and Rice bran oil methyl esters as fuels. The later part of this study deals with development of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model of the diesel engine as a tool for accurately predicting its performance and emissions when operating on aforementioned biodiesels as fuels. In this paper study & usability of GarciniaIndica (kokum) oil was examined and presented.

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