Routing Algorithms For Vehicular Delay Tolerance Network

Paper Topic :

Ad hoc networks for pervasive communications

Author Name :

Patel Bhavin N.

Abstract :

Sometimes end to end connectivity may not exist, sometimes it is too expensive to connect all the networks and sometimes due to some catastrophic effect, exchanging of messages are difficult and sometimes it can cause delays from hours to days, networking in these type of situations is called DTN. This paper presents two totally different types of routing algorithms for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks (VDTN). VDTN is an extension of DTN, DTN stands for Delay Tolerant Networks. This paper describes Controlled Flooding Algorithm, in which flooding of messages will be controlled on group basis so that the algorithm can achieve better delivery ratio with less overhead. Second algorithm is Message Ferrying Algorithm in that individual ferry nodes will collect data from all the sender nodes and then deliver to the destination node when they meet to this node. Keywords: Delay tolerant network, Vehicular delay tolerant network, Routing algorithms

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