Performance Analysis of AES, DES, RSA And AES-DES-RSA Hybrid Algorithm for Data Security

Paper Topic :

Security Technology and Infromation Assurance

Author Name :

Soma Niloy Ghosh

Abstract :

Abstract—Network security typically based on authentication which might start with a simple username and a password. This is just 1-factor authentication (one username and one password), But generally 1-factor authentication does not serve the purpose of full security for sensitive data transmission .To send the data (generally more sensitive) we have to wrap the data using some algorithm(like AES or DES) and put over the network. Now a days due to high speed computers these algorithms are now vulnerable to attacks. In this project we propose the idea of using a combination of AES-DES-RSA and incorporating it in the Feistal structure. Being a hybrid of three powerful encryption techniques, the algorithm would be an efficient and reliable encryption standard. This project will contain the implementation and design of a of hybrid based AES-DES-RSA algorithm for the security purpose. Data Encryption: Using Hybrid AES-DES algorithm Key Exchange Mechanism: Using RSA-1024. Our Algorithm will mainly focus on following paramerters: 1. Avalanche Effect 2. Encryption Time 3. CPU Usage 4. Throughput

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