Comparative Study of Mangiferin from Mangifera Indica (Rajapuri) From its Leaves and Bark

Paper Topic :

Environmental Engineering

Author Name :

Prof. Shinde Sachin Suresh

Abstract :

India has a rich heritage of traditional medicine constituting with its different components like Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani. The development of these traditional systems of medicines with the perspectives of safety, efficiency, and quality will help not only to preserve the traditional heritage but also to rationalize the use of natural products in healthcare. Pharmacognostic study is the preliminary step in the standardization of crude drugs. The detailed of Pharmacognostic evaluation gives valuable information regarding the morphology, microscopical and physical characteristics of the crude drugs. The solid were studied for solid-liquid extraction from plants. An efficient Soxhlet extraction technique has been developed to extract Mangiferin from Mangifera Indica Leaves and bark. This research aims to develop the process of mangiferin extraction from the leaves and bark of variety Rajapuri by using soxhlet extraction with Hexane and Methanol as an extracting solvent respectively. The study involved sampling, storage, preparation, extraction and analysis for Mangiferin was done by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography.

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