A review on heat transfer enhancement using nanoparticles suspended with refrigerants lubricating oils in refrigeration systems

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Vaishali P. Mohod Nishikant W. Kale

Abstract :

Thermal conductivity plays an important role in heat transfer phenomenon. The conventional heat transfer fluids are having low thermal conductivity. To increase thermal conductivity of these fluids and thereby the heat transfer rate , nanofluids are the topic of research of most of the researchers. Nanofluids are the nano sized particles of metals, oxides and carbides suspended in conventional heat transfer fluids. In this paper, the performance of various systems using nanorefrigerant/nanolubricant has been reviewed. Nanofluids with different concentration of nanoparticles have been used to increase thermal conductivity. From the literature reviews, it has been found that the heat transfer coefficient enhances and there is considerable saving in power consumption.

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