Design and Analysis of Transfer Trolley for Material Handling

Paper Topic :

Mechanical Design

Author Name :

Kaustubh V. Wankhade N. A. Wankhade

Abstract :

In casting industries most difficult task is to carry and pour molten metal into moulds also risk associates with this process of molten metal handling is more. At present this task is operated manually by crucibles and various ladles like gear ladle for both small and medium scale industries. Now a day’s manpower requirement for this process is minimum two workers for ladle handling and one for assisting and putting stand to pour into mould. Our aim is to reduce manpower by employing transfer trolley mechanism for molten metal handling and pouring so as only one worker should be able to perform this operation. It will make this process more efficient and user friendly. As the labor requirement is reduced so alternately the cost of production is also reduced. Materials are selected, analytical and mathematical calculations were calculated, some perimeters are assumed and some found out. And then design is constructed in CAD software based on mathematical calculations.

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