A Review About Robustness of Proactive and Reactive Protocol against Attack in MANET

Paper Topic :

Ad hoc networks for pervasive communications

Author Name :

Er. Namisha

Abstract :

Mobile Ad-hoc Network is characterize by its Ad-Hoc and Infrastructureless nature. It is a collection of wireless mobile nodes which dynamically forms a temporary network without any existing network infrastructure or centralized administrator. Each node in MANETS acts as router or host in the network. The nodes are freely moving at random. Mobile Ad Hoc networks (MANETs) are characterized by a dynamic , rapid changing , multi-hop topology. The main types of routing strategies are Proactive, Reactive and Hybrid. A particular harmful attack that takes the advantage of these characterstics is the Sybil attack, where a malicious node illegitimately claims multiple identities. As a result of this type of attack, it can exceedingly disrupt various operations of the mobile ad hoc networks such as data aggregation, voting, fair resource allocation scheme, misbehavior detection and routin mechanisms etc. The variation in the transmission power makes the Sybil attack more deadly and difficult to be detected.

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