Performance Analysis of Gasifier during Co-firing using Biomass and Lignite for Power Generation

Paper Topic :

Thermal Engineering

Author Name :

N. Harindranath

Abstract :

Co firing is the simultaneous combustion of a supplementary fuel with a base fuel to increase efficiency and capacity of the gasifier plant. Cofiring was seen as a work for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In the present work open top downdraft biomass gasifier of capacity 100 KW was set up and used. The eucalyptus wood was used as a primary fuel and the lignite obtained from Neyveli was used as a secondary fuel in this gasifier Wood to lignite ratios of 98:2, 95:5, 92:8, 85:15, and 80:20 by weight were mixed manually and charged into the reactor. The effect of variation of temperature along the length of reactor, composition, calorific value, flow rate of the gas generated at different co-firing ratios of wood and lignite was studied. The use of this syngas for power generation and cold and thermal efficiencies of the process were also studied. These results are presented. Keywords: Cofiring, Biomass, gasifier , lignite , power generation

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