Study of Effect of weather Parameters on Chimney Operated Solar Power Plant

Paper Topic :

Expert approaches

Author Name :

P. J. Bansod, P. R. Mamankar, Dr. N. A. Wankhade

Abstract :

High temperature solar radiation and ambient temperature are some of the weather parameters which are responsible for power generation in chimney operated solar power plant. This paper presents the development of mathematical for various parts of solar chimney power plant like chimney, Turbine and collector. A prototype model of collector of 1.8 meter diameter and chimney of 2 meter height is fabricated for this purpose. The input parameters considered for this study are temperature, mass flow rate, air velocity, air density and total air pressure drop from inlet to outlet. Various devices like thermocouple, anemometer are used for measurement of these parameters. Weather parameters are measured from the data taken from NASA website which is average data of last 22 years. A comparison is made between the mathematical and experimental performance. It is observed that there is no perfect size for the setup of solar chimney power plant. It varies from region to region and specifically depends on the various metrological parameters of that specific region.

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